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Heart with Wings

Welcome to BookMagick Coaching Services! 

     As an experienced memoirist, short story writer, poet, and essayist, I am equipped to jump in and address your writing project with an eagle eye and an open heart. Whatever stage you are at-- from a simple idea to a fully developed manuscript-- I am prepared  to offer gentle and encouraging one-on-one coaching services, with suggestions, annotated manuscript commentary, editorial letters, discussions, and a personalized touch... from one-time to bi-weekly or monthly meetings-- your call. 


Whether you are working to establish voice, build

story structures, create  believable characters or set-

tings, I will guide and support you all the way.

My client testimonies speak to my skill in getting

to the heart of whatever you are struggling with,

at any stage of the game.

I have 4 coaching openings available from January to June, 2023. and  6 openings from mid-July to December. All coaching is offered on a first come/first serve basis. These slots fill up fast.


I am offering 3 different packages:


Basic Book Coaching   

Full read of your manuscript, including an editorial letter, notes and editorial feedback, with two hours of conferencing - $2000                       


Coaching Plus

Six months of coaching with bi-weekly manuscript reading (up to fifty pages), notes and editorial feedback, and a(n) (up to) one hour conference every week or two weeks, as agreed upon - $2,500

Coaching Deluxe (coming soon)

Six months of coaching with weekly manuscript reading (up to 50 pages), notes and editorial feedback, and access to all Zoom workshops and monthly coffee houses, featuring a visiting author, editor or agent, with group discussion of whatever is on your mind. PLUS, one luxurious six day writing retreat (see retreats for upcoming choices) - one time offer - $4500



"Elizabeth's voice still guides you long after the class or the retreat has ended. She has an eagle eye for the heart of the story. Her critiques are spot on."


-William Dameron, author of The Lie: A Memoir of Two Marriages, Catfishing & Coming Out 

Contact me at elicoh at to find out about spring or fall openings for coaching.

Hands on Book Coaching

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