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Cup of Tea

BookCoachMagick Launch  January 20, 6:30 PM

Writer's Coffee House Publishing Panel Discussion (free)
Zoom Link:

BookCoachMagick authors discuss their publishing journeys. From the idea to the
actual hold-it-in-your-hand book, these authors represent broad publishing options out there today. From university presses to indie presses and major houses, they will talk pros and cons and take your questions.

Diane Kupershmit
Judy Temes
Nieves Cuervo
Corky Parker
William Dameron

Want a connection with like-minded writers? Feeling isolated in the pandemic? Come to BookCoachMagick coffee houses! Zoom into an afternoon or evening coffee house .... meet new writerly pals! G
uest readers, panel discussions and more. See dates and links below:

March, Date TBA: Michael Devine discusses Warhol's Mother's Pantry: Art, America, and the Mom in Pop


Future Coffee Houses

Writer's Coffee Houses

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